We saved some kittens :)

My brother and my cousin found four or five (they weren’t sure) kittens on our road. Sometimes people leave kittens on roads when they don’t want them. 😦 We tried to get all the kittens but they were scared and ran off. We looked for hours and hours but we only caught 2.


Once we held them, they were happy and nice. They were hungry so we fed them fish we had. My friend Vanessa helped me take care of the kittens.

???????????????????????????????We made them a home in my dog Clydes crate but let them out a lot.


We all went out the next day and tried to find the other kittens, but we couldn’t. 😦 I hope they are okay.

I played with the kittens. We had then for a week and took care of them.



My mom posted the kitten’s pictures on Facebook and someone wanted to adopt them. It was my aunt who lives three hours away. My grandparents said they’d drive the kittens to their new home and I got to go with them!



I am glad we saved two kittens. I am sad we didn’t get the others. I am really sad someone would leave them on a road with nobody to help them!


15 responses to “We saved some kittens :)

  1. This is a sweet story. I am so happy you helped those kittens and spent hours looking for the others. Don’t give up, they may turn up. It will be hard for the others kittens to find food. Maybe you can use this to find the other kittens.

    Josie you are an ANGEL to care for those kittens and find them homes. Kudos to Erik for initially finding the kitties. One of your best posts! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Josie! At least two of the kittens got a good home with your aunt although I wish all of the kitten brothers and sisters could’ve stayed together. If the others are found, will your aunt take them, too?

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