Susanna Leonard Hill’s Illustrator Contest – Goldilockup by Mike Allegra

I am entering Susanna Leonard Hill’s
The First Ever PrettyMuchWorldFamous Illustration Contest!!!

Here are the rules for the contest – I copied them from Ms. Hill’s blog. You can click here to go to Ms. Hill’s blog.

“The ContestDraw/Paint a children’s picture book cover illustration (no text required – art only) for one of the following stories (which you will recognize as the top finishers in the March Madness Fractured Fairy Tale Writing Contest – a little extra surprise for those authors 🙂

 – The Three Wiggly Worms Bluff by Wendy Greenley
 – Goldilockup by Mike Allegra
 – Goldibawks And The Three Pairs by Dawn Young
 – The Sweetie Witch by Pen Avey
 – The Princess And The Stinky Cheese by Lauri Meyers
 – Mongoose’s Holi Party by Darshana Khiani
 – The “Princess” And The Pete by Jennifer Caritas
 – The Jackrabbit Who Cried Gila Monster by Elliah Terry
Illustrations should be 8×10, horizontal or vertical, any medium, posted in jpg at least 72 px
All stories can be read on the March Madness Finalist PostHERE so you will know what to illustrate 🙂 ”
There isn’t a kid entry section (I am ten), but I wanted to do it anyway because I like to draw and I am trying to get better at it. 🙂 I picked Mr. Allegra’s story because it was funny and I thought of making a wanted poster.
This is my entry. I used pencil to make a sketch and then markers to color it. I wanted to make the cover scary to make like Goldilocks was a criminal. I know it said I didn’t have to put the title in, but I like it there.