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Hey, Look! A Writer Fellow!

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When I posted my first “Win a Doodle!” contest last year, my motives were simple: I didn’t have a post but I still wanted to post something. I figured that maybe a dozen blog followers would enter. Instead, the comments section went nutty. I was bewildered.

So I did the doodle contest thing a few months later – and that turnout was even nuttier.

It’s been a quite a while since my last doodle contest — and a few of you rabble rousers won’t let me forget it. I have been harassed! Harangued! Badgered! Bullied!

And, like France on the eve of a major war, I have capitulated.

So TAA DAA! Here’s another chance to win your very own doodle!


Yep. It’s true. Need proof? Fine.

Jenion, the winner of the first doodle contest, is an avid cyclist. She asked me to doodle a cyclist. So I did.

Ta daa! Ta daa! (Click to see larger.)


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We saved some kittens :)

My brother and my cousin found four or five (they weren’t sure) kittens on our road. Sometimes people leave kittens on roads when they don’t want them. 😦 We tried to get all the kittens but they were scared and ran off. We looked for hours and hours but we only caught 2.


Once we held them, they were happy and nice. They were hungry so we fed them fish we had. My friend Vanessa helped me take care of the kittens.

???????????????????????????????We made them a home in my dog Clydes crate but let them out a lot.


We all went out the next day and tried to find the other kittens, but we couldn’t. 😦 I hope they are okay.

I played with the kittens. We had then for a week and took care of them.



My mom posted the kitten’s pictures on Facebook and someone wanted to adopt them. It was my aunt who lives three hours away. My grandparents said they’d drive the kittens to their new home and I got to go with them!



I am glad we saved two kittens. I am sad we didn’t get the others. I am really sad someone would leave them on a road with nobody to help them!

Oil Pastel Lion – My Latest Thrive Art Project

This is the latest picture I made for my Thrive art class. Go HERE to learn more about the great online Thrive Art classes I take! It is an oil pastel lion. I liked that I learned you can use all kinds of colors in the lion and it still looks good. The mane has blue and purple and red in it not just yellow and brown. Miss Theresa (my instructor) explained how to blend the colors really well. I liked this lesson. I hope you like it!



I made a frog pond

Last year our house was getting built. There was a puddle with a million tadpoles in it near the garage. The water was black there were so many tadpoles. Then it got  hot and the puddle dried up. I was sad when I saw it. All the tadpoles died. But Frank the guy who built our house told me he scooped up a bunch of the tadpoles when he saw the water going and he put them in the spring. He saved some!

Now we live in the house. The puddle came back. This year I didn’t want any of the tadpoles to die. My mom and dad (and Erik) helped me make a frog pond.

I read about frog ponds at Save The Frogs click here and I read some books about frogs too.

First we dug out the area where the pond was going to go. Frogs like water that doesn’t move but they still need fresh water sometimes. Water for the pond comes from a drain (my dad said it is a foundation drain). The pond can’t be too deep.???????????????????????????????The water from the drain made a puddle away from it. We dug it out and put rubber in the bottom to keep the water.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Then we put rocks in it.???????????????????????????????

Clyde helped.???????????????????????????????Erik covered the pipe up to make it look nice.???????????????????????????????He made it so there is a little waterfall.???????????????????????????????
If the water stops coming from the pipe in the summer we can bring water to the pond from our hose so it doesn’t get dried up. There was a frog that jumped into the pond right away!???????????????????????????????

We put mud and rocks back into the pond. We went to a stream near our house and got plants. Frogs like to hide in plants and the mud and rocks. We put the same kind of plants in the pond that are found around our house.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I got solar lights to put around the pond. I think bugs will like the lights and frogs will like the bugs! The frog seemed happy.???????????????????????????????

More frogs came. I counted seven.???????????????????????????????Then I had eggs in the pond a few days later! Now we have tadpoles!???????????????????????????????I feed the tadpoles smashed up spinach. My mom, dad and Erik surprised me with making benches out of logs to put around the pond (I was at a friend’s house). Now we can sit and watch the frogs.

frog15I’m glad we made the pond! I am going to send a picture of it to Save The Frogs! Please visit the website (here). They try to help frogs and frogs are in trouble! ???????????????????????????????


My Latest Thrive Art Project

This is an oil pastel that I made for my mom for mother’s day. It was my next oil pastel project in my Thrive Art course.

Green is my mom’s favorite color, but I thought she would like more colors too. I didn’t want to make the water blue because I don’t think my mom’s water would be just blue. 🙂

???????????????????????????????I sent the picture to Plum Tree Books because they are making a book about mothers. Dr. Clune said my picture is going to be published in the book! You can click here to read about the book.

My mom liked the picture a lot. 🙂

Go HERE to learn more about the great Thrive Art classes I take!

Susanna Leonard Hill’s Illustrator Contest – Goldilockup by Mike Allegra

I am entering Susanna Leonard Hill’s
The First Ever PrettyMuchWorldFamous Illustration Contest!!!

Here are the rules for the contest – I copied them from Ms. Hill’s blog. You can click here to go to Ms. Hill’s blog.

“The ContestDraw/Paint a children’s picture book cover illustration (no text required – art only) for one of the following stories (which you will recognize as the top finishers in the March Madness Fractured Fairy Tale Writing Contest – a little extra surprise for those authors 🙂

 – The Three Wiggly Worms Bluff by Wendy Greenley
 – Goldilockup by Mike Allegra
 – Goldibawks And The Three Pairs by Dawn Young
 – The Sweetie Witch by Pen Avey
 – The Princess And The Stinky Cheese by Lauri Meyers
 – Mongoose’s Holi Party by Darshana Khiani
 – The “Princess” And The Pete by Jennifer Caritas
 – The Jackrabbit Who Cried Gila Monster by Elliah Terry
Illustrations should be 8×10, horizontal or vertical, any medium, posted in jpg at least 72 px
All stories can be read on the March Madness Finalist PostHERE so you will know what to illustrate 🙂 ”
There isn’t a kid entry section (I am ten), but I wanted to do it anyway because I like to draw and I am trying to get better at it. 🙂 I picked Mr. Allegra’s story because it was funny and I thought of making a wanted poster.
This is my entry. I used pencil to make a sketch and then markers to color it. I wanted to make the cover scary to make like Goldilocks was a criminal. I know it said I didn’t have to put the title in, but I like it there.

Oil Pastel Art Project – Octopus

I finished my beginner art course with Thrive art and I am doing the intermediate course. My first project was to make a octopus using oil pastels. I never used oil pastels like this. Only a little in school in art class. In this project I learned different ways to use them (like to blend them or hold them different ways). They get kind of messy but they are fun to use. This is my first picture. 🙂


You can find out about Thrive art school on its website  – click HERE.

Choose Your Own Adventure with The Storyboys!

I am happy I get to do this cool adventure! 🙂

Today’s post is part of a Choose Your Own Adventure Story written and hosted by T. Isenhoff and M. Isenhoff on their Storyboys blog. T. is in 3rd grade, and M. is in 6th grade. This story was their winter homeschool project. Travel over to their blog to start at the beginning. Have fun!


“There is no way you are getting me inside that creepy old house when something is moving around in it,” Ed said.

“Okay. We can come back later.”

“All right,” Ed agreed reluctantly. “But I need half a pizza and a two liter of Coke first—for courage.”

They went to Tony’s, scarfed down a Meatlover’s, and played Minecraft until the sun went down. After watching Jurassic Park, Tony told his mom they were spending the night at Ed’s and the two boys rode their bikes back to Cursed Mansion.

Ed shivered. “I hope whatever was inside is long gone.”

“Come on, let’s go in,” said Tony.

The front door creaked as it opened. It was dark inside. They each pulled out a flashlight and shone it around the shadowy room. The light landed on furniture covered with old sheets. Spider webs coated everything, and each step kicked up clouds of dust.

“Nobody’s been here for a long time,” said Ed as they approached a stairway leading down into blackness.

“Then who is smoking?” Tony asked, sniffing the air. “A ghost?”

Ed froze, his light shining down on the floor. “Probably whoever left these footprints. Let’s get out of here!”

Just then, the door blew shut behind them, and they heard the sound of creaking footsteps coming up the stairs.

Should Ed and Tony run and hide or stand and fight? If you think they should hide, click here. If you think they should fight, click here.

Sleepy Phyllis

This is part of a contest Ms. Hill is doing. You can see the contest rules HERE. We are supposed to do a Phyllis fashion show, but I think Phyllis likes her pajamas best.

Phyllis says it is too cold out and she is staying in bed to snuggle. She won’t see her shadow because she won’t come out of her hole. 🙂 So she says early spring!

img177Phyllis is the groundhog from Ms. Hill’s story –


It is a cute story and is good for Groundhog Day!

My next Thrive Art Project – A Dragon

This is my best try at this. I made some mistakes and have to cover them up some. I didn’t think I would do a good job, but I am really happy at how it looks. I took my time with it. My dad said the dragon looked like the number 2 so I shaded a 2 into it. 😀 I thought that was pretty cool. 😎

dragonThis was the last lesson in my beginner Thrive Art course.  I really liked taking the classes. My teacher Ms. Theresa was nice and she explained how to do the pictures so I could do them. I am going to ask my parents if I can do the next classes. You get to learn how to do oil pastels and water colors. 🙂

You can find out about Thrive art school on its website  – click HERE.