I made a frog pond

Last year our house was getting built. There was a puddle with a million tadpoles in it near the garage. The water was black there were so many tadpoles. Then it got  hot and the puddle dried up. I was sad when I saw it. All the tadpoles died. But Frank the guy who built our house told me he scooped up a bunch of the tadpoles when he saw the water going and he put them in the spring. He saved some!

Now we live in the house. The puddle came back. This year I didn’t want any of the tadpoles to die. My mom and dad (and Erik) helped me make a frog pond.

I read about frog ponds at Save The Frogs click here and I read some books about frogs too.

First we dug out the area where the pond was going to go. Frogs like water that doesn’t move but they still need fresh water sometimes. Water for the pond comes from a drain (my dad said it is a foundation drain). The pond can’t be too deep.???????????????????????????????The water from the drain made a puddle away from it. We dug it out and put rubber in the bottom to keep the water.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Then we put rocks in it.???????????????????????????????

Clyde helped.???????????????????????????????Erik covered the pipe up to make it look nice.???????????????????????????????He made it so there is a little waterfall.???????????????????????????????
If the water stops coming from the pipe in the summer we can bring water to the pond from our hose so it doesn’t get dried up. There was a frog that jumped into the pond right away!???????????????????????????????

We put mud and rocks back into the pond. We went to a stream near our house and got plants. Frogs like to hide in plants and the mud and rocks. We put the same kind of plants in the pond that are found around our house.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I got solar lights to put around the pond. I think bugs will like the lights and frogs will like the bugs! The frog seemed happy.???????????????????????????????

More frogs came. I counted seven.???????????????????????????????Then I had eggs in the pond a few days later! Now we have tadpoles!???????????????????????????????I feed the tadpoles smashed up spinach. My mom, dad and Erik surprised me with making benches out of logs to put around the pond (I was at a friend’s house). Now we can sit and watch the frogs.

frog15I’m glad we made the pond! I am going to send a picture of it to Save The Frogs! Please visit the website (here). They try to help frogs and frogs are in trouble! ???????????????????????????????



My Dot for Dot Day


I made a Dot for International Dot Day. I hope you like it. When I thought about drawing it, I was thinking about being outside.

I drew it first and then painted it.


Then I wanted to take a picture of it outside and I found the perfect spot.


You can find out about Dot Day HERE

My New Art Project – A Sea Plane

I am doing an online art class online at Thrive online Art School. I liked doing this picture. I like how the plane came out. In the lesson there were buildings and snowy mountains in the background, but I wanted green mountains and people riding bikes in my back ground. I hope you like my picture! 🙂


You can find out about Thrive art school on its website  – click HERE.

Parrot Drawing – My Second Art Project

I am taking a summer art course online at Thrive online art school. It is a lot of fun and I am learning a lot. This is my second project, a parrot. I liked learning about the different flowers and how to draw them. I hope you like it. I worked hard on it and I really like how my parrot turned out. I added an extra snake. I like the colors in this picture. My next project is a castle.


You can find out about Thrive art school on its website  – click HERE.

I Grew Butterflies from Caterpillars!

I got a butterfly growing kit for my birthday. We got caterpillars in the mail.

They were black and little. Do you think they are little? I wrote in my notebook every day. I measured them and drew pictures of them.

Then the caterpillars grew big.

Then they hung from the top of their cage.

I took them out. They were stuck to the paper. They were all in chrysalis’.

Then I pinned them to their new cage.

THEN THEY HATCHED! One did not hatch. It died 😦

I put flowers inside the cage with sugar-water on them for the butterflies to eat (don’t drink it).

Then I let them go.

I got to hold them when I let them go. Bye bye butterflies! 🙂

Tumbling Rocks

I got a rock tumbler for my birthday. We went to a rock shop and I got rocks to tumble. I want to make jewelry and pretty rocks ;o

First I had to sort the rocks and break them into smaller pieces

We put in sand too.

Then we put them into the tumbler and we put it in the basement because it was nosiy so we can sleep. (It is behind me in the pciture).

It takes a long time and it takes 7 weeks. That’s how long it takes. In between we put in different sand and had to wash the rocks.


The rocks have 2 more weeks to go but they are getting smooth and shiny.