We learned about Piet Mondrian

In art we learned about a man named Piet Mondrian. He was an artist from The Netherlands. I tried to make a painting like he made. I like his painting. This is mine.


I got to be a pet sitter!

My friends went skiing and I got to pet-sit their pets.

I got to pet sit Basil the Guinea Pig. He made a lot of noise. He always pushed his food bowl over but he was very cute. We put his cage near Smokey‘s so he would have a friend.

I also got to pet-sit two hermit crabs. They took a lot of work. I had to spray their tank to keep water in it. There was a dial to show if it needed more water.  The hermit crabs liked to sit in their food bowl.

My friends brought me maple syrup home for watching their pets. I hope I get to do it again! 🙂