Oil Pastel Art Project – Octopus

I finished my beginner art course with Thrive art and I am doing the intermediate course. My first project was to make a octopus using oil pastels. I never used oil pastels like this. Only a little in school in art class. In this project I learned different ways to use them (like to blend them or hold them different ways). They get kind of messy but they are fun to use. This is my first picture. 🙂


You can find out about Thrive art school on its website  – click HERE.


Choose Your Own Adventure with The Storyboys!

I am happy I get to do this cool adventure! 🙂

Today’s post is part of a Choose Your Own Adventure Story written and hosted by T. Isenhoff and M. Isenhoff on their Storyboys blog. T. is in 3rd grade, and M. is in 6th grade. This story was their winter homeschool project. Travel over to their blog to start at the beginning. Have fun!


“There is no way you are getting me inside that creepy old house when something is moving around in it,” Ed said.

“Okay. We can come back later.”

“All right,” Ed agreed reluctantly. “But I need half a pizza and a two liter of Coke first—for courage.”

They went to Tony’s, scarfed down a Meatlover’s, and played Minecraft until the sun went down. After watching Jurassic Park, Tony told his mom they were spending the night at Ed’s and the two boys rode their bikes back to Cursed Mansion.

Ed shivered. “I hope whatever was inside is long gone.”

“Come on, let’s go in,” said Tony.

The front door creaked as it opened. It was dark inside. They each pulled out a flashlight and shone it around the shadowy room. The light landed on furniture covered with old sheets. Spider webs coated everything, and each step kicked up clouds of dust.

“Nobody’s been here for a long time,” said Ed as they approached a stairway leading down into blackness.

“Then who is smoking?” Tony asked, sniffing the air. “A ghost?”

Ed froze, his light shining down on the floor. “Probably whoever left these footprints. Let’s get out of here!”

Just then, the door blew shut behind them, and they heard the sound of creaking footsteps coming up the stairs.

Should Ed and Tony run and hide or stand and fight? If you think they should hide, click here. If you think they should fight, click here.