Susanna Leonard Hill’s Illustrator Contest – Goldilockup by Mike Allegra

I am entering Susanna Leonard Hill’s
The First Ever PrettyMuchWorldFamous Illustration Contest!!!

Here are the rules for the contest – I copied them from Ms. Hill’s blog. You can click here to go to Ms. Hill’s blog.

“The ContestDraw/Paint a children’s picture book cover illustration (no text required – art only) for one of the following stories (which you will recognize as the top finishers in the March Madness Fractured Fairy Tale Writing Contest – a little extra surprise for those authors 🙂

 – The Three Wiggly Worms Bluff by Wendy Greenley
 – Goldilockup by Mike Allegra
 – Goldibawks And The Three Pairs by Dawn Young
 – The Sweetie Witch by Pen Avey
 – The Princess And The Stinky Cheese by Lauri Meyers
 – Mongoose’s Holi Party by Darshana Khiani
 – The “Princess” And The Pete by Jennifer Caritas
 – The Jackrabbit Who Cried Gila Monster by Elliah Terry
Illustrations should be 8×10, horizontal or vertical, any medium, posted in jpg at least 72 px
All stories can be read on the March Madness Finalist PostHERE so you will know what to illustrate 🙂 ”
There isn’t a kid entry section (I am ten), but I wanted to do it anyway because I like to draw and I am trying to get better at it. 🙂 I picked Mr. Allegra’s story because it was funny and I thought of making a wanted poster.
This is my entry. I used pencil to make a sketch and then markers to color it. I wanted to make the cover scary to make like Goldilocks was a criminal. I know it said I didn’t have to put the title in, but I like it there.

Sleepy Phyllis

This is part of a contest Ms. Hill is doing. You can see the contest rules HERE. We are supposed to do a Phyllis fashion show, but I think Phyllis likes her pajamas best.

Phyllis says it is too cold out and she is staying in bed to snuggle. She won’t see her shadow because she won’t come out of her hole. 🙂 So she says early spring!

img177Phyllis is the groundhog from Ms. Hill’s story –


It is a cute story and is good for Groundhog Day!

My “Can’t Sleep Without Sheep Kid Coloring Contest” Entry

Susanna Leonard Hill’s book “Can’t Sleep Without Sheep” is very funny!


I like her book a lot.

She is having a coloring contest for kids because the book is now an ebook too (you can read about it on her blog HERE). You could choose which picture to color, but I couldn’t choose so I did both.

Here are my entries.

You had to draw hats on this one.


You had to have Ava counting something in this one. I didn’t draw it but I thought Phyllis would want  to be in the picture so I put her in it.


I Entered “The Groundhog Day Fun Photo Contest”!


My brother told me about a Groundhog day picture contest that Susanna Leonard Hill is having. I like Ms. Hill’s Phyllis books (and “Can’t Sleep Without Sheep” 🙂 ). You had to make a Phyllis action figure and take her picture outside today. Ms. Hill’s contest rules are HERE. I took my picture at my grandparent’s pond. Phyllis did not see her shadow.

This is my picture –