Sleepy Phyllis

This is part of a contest Ms. Hill is doing. You can see the contest rules HERE. We are supposed to do a Phyllis fashion show, but I think Phyllis likes her pajamas best.

Phyllis says it is too cold out and she is staying in bed to snuggle. She won’t see her shadow because she won’t come out of her hole. 🙂 So she says early spring!

img177Phyllis is the groundhog from Ms. Hill’s story –


It is a cute story and is good for Groundhog Day!


18 responses to “Sleepy Phyllis

  1. Gorgeous PJs! I’m with Phyllis – stay in bed. 🙂 Great job, Josie and good luck!
    ~Cool Mom, Neighbor Girl, Stanley & Katrina

  2. Josie, you are VERY clever! I think you may be right about the weather, and you are certainly right that Phyllis loves her jammies 🙂 And they are so pretty and pink that she can only have sweet dreams 🙂 I especially love her teddy bear 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the fashion show fun! 🙂

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I knew you would win. When I first saw your entry, I scrolled back up to see if this which professional illustrator made t his and was pleasantly surprised to find you are the artist. You deserve the win. I think yours was the best.

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