My Dot for Dot Day


I made a Dot for International Dot Day. I hope you like it. When I thought about drawing it, I was thinking about being outside.

I drew it first and then painted it.


Then I wanted to take a picture of it outside and I found the perfect spot.


You can find out about Dot Day HERE!Β 


26 responses to “My Dot for Dot Day

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  2. Josie, your dot is beautiful. Your art always makes me smile. And I think the spot you found to take your picture was exactly the perfect spot.

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  4. Your dot is beautiful, Josie! We love that you found the perfect place for it outside. We are happy that Erik linked your post to our Dot Day linky. Thrilled to have you there.
    ~Stanley, Katrina & Gang πŸ™‚

  5. Great DOT! Are you doing this and your art class in watercolors? The plane looked like watercolors, especially in the water. I am still raving about your dog walker and biker. I can stare at them forever. Sorry, this is about your dot, which is terrific! πŸ˜€

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