My “Can’t Sleep Without Sheep Kid Coloring Contest” Entry

Susanna Leonard Hill’s book “Can’t Sleep Without Sheep” is very funny!


I like her book a lot.

She is having a coloring contest for kids because the book is now an ebook too (you can read about it on her blog HERE). You could choose which picture to color, but I couldn’t choose so I did both.

Here are my entries.

You had to draw hats on this one.


You had to have Ava counting something in this one. I didn’t draw it but I thought Phyllis would wantΒ  to be in the picture so I put her in it.



32 responses to “My “Can’t Sleep Without Sheep Kid Coloring Contest” Entry

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  2. Hello, Josie!
    I love visiting your brother’s blog…and now I have discovered yours. πŸ™‚ Your coloring page entries are fantastic…I especially enjoyed the middle hat (reminds me of the old Mickey Mouse Club from long ago) and the groundhogs for Ava to count – what a clever young lady you are!!!!

      • Hi Josie,
        Yes, your brother had commented that you had all enjoyed a trip to Disney World. We took our children there when they were younger (1986)…now they all have children of their own and maybe they will take them.:)!

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