I Entered “The Groundhog Day Fun Photo Contest”!


My brother told me about a Groundhog day picture contest that Susanna Leonard Hill is having. I like Ms. Hill’s Phyllis books (and “Can’t Sleep Without Sheep” 🙂 ). You had to make a Phyllis action figure and take her picture outside today. Ms. Hill’s contest rules are HERE. I took my picture at my grandparent’s pond. Phyllis did not see her shadow.

This is my picture –



39 responses to “I Entered “The Groundhog Day Fun Photo Contest”!

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  2. This is an awesome photo, Josie! Thanks so much for joining in the fun! And I’m so glad that so far all the Phyllises seem to be in agreement, in California, New York and Pennsylvania – EARLY SPRING! 🙂

  3. Hello Josie,
    I am a first-time visitor to your blog. I love visiting your brother’s blog. And now I have another blog that I love.:)
    You did a wonderful job of coloring AND positioning Phyllis. She looks GREAT…but I’m sure she was happy to come in out of the cold.:)

  4. I love your photo Josie! If I were Phyllis I would climb right onto that gull’s back and request that she fly to a very warm and sunny spot to relax for the next six weeks. If you give a seagull a french fry, they will do most anything I think!

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