I Grew Butterflies from Caterpillars!

I got a butterfly growing kit for my birthday. We got caterpillars in the mail.

They were black and little. Do you think they are little? I wrote in my notebook every day. I measured them and drew pictures of them.

Then the caterpillars grew big.

Then they hung from the top of their cage.

I took them out. They were stuck to the paper. They were all in chrysalis’.

Then I pinned them to their new cage.

THEN THEY HATCHED! One did not hatch. It died 😦

I put flowers inside the cage with sugar-water on them for the butterflies to eat (don’t drink it).

Then I let them go.

I got to hold them when I let them go. Bye bye butterflies! 🙂


18 responses to “I Grew Butterflies from Caterpillars!

  1. Wow, I did not know that you could buy a butterfly kit like that. That is really cool and I love the last picture of you holding the butterfly!

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