My Pet Chinchilla

I have a pet chinchilla named Smokey. He lets me hold him and he likes to jump on me. I feed him timothy hay and raisins for treats. Isn’t Smokey cute?

Chinchillas are from South America. They live in the mountains. Smokey is nice and he likes people and he likes you to hold him.


22 responses to “My Pet Chinchilla

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  2. Hi, Josie! I used to have a silver chinchilla too. His name was Fred. They are such fun pets aren’t they? I loved to watch Fred take his dust baths. He was so funny when he rolled around and then stood up and wiped his nose. And, I have a Jack Russell terrier named Smokey. That’s kind of funny isn’t it? I’m very excited to read your blog! ~ Cindy

  3. Wow, what a cutie Smokey is! I had no idea chinchillas had such big ears. I had a gerbil named Gretchen when I was in school, and sometimes she’d escape from her cage in my room. Once in the middle of the night, I felt something furry scurry up my leg — and I woke the whole house up with my scream! But it was only Gretchen…I guess she got lonely or cold and wanted to get under the covers. Does Smokey ever escape? πŸ™‚

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